Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Real Voxel Model

This will probably be the first post anyone will see, as I don't think anyone would be impressed by the first two. This one has a little bit more eye candy. Not as boring as looking at meaningless cubes...

600x480 - ~60 fps - SVO Depth (7)
1x GTX 580

I wrote a Wavefront .obj file converter for getting polygonal models into a voxel format. All the converter does right now is it places a single leaf node (visible voxel) in the center of each quad polygon. The .obj file was exported from ZBrush with no UV map or textures; only polypaint was used to color it. ZBrush exports polypaint color information within the .obj file in a rather large mess of hex color codes. I am rendering this particular model with Blinn-Phong style lighting from within the Cuda kernel. 

I will be focusing on optimising what I have right now for the next week or so. I should be able to increase the detail and frame rate quite a bit.

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