Friday, July 20, 2012

Rendering Imrod

I was compelled to try and render the Imrod model that Jon Olick (worked for ID Software at one point) rendered with voxels. Below is a video of Jon's render, and below that is mine. Jon's is better...

800x600 ~60 fps - SVODepth(10) ~ 2 Million visible voxels
1x GTX 680

I have been optimizing all that I can without the ability to even debug my parallel code, as the Nvidia Cuda Development site has been down from a malicious attack for the past week. I have been in dire need of the Nvidia Parallel Nsight 2.2 debugging app.

I plan to implement voxel contours so that the voxels no longer have the cubical shape when viewed up close, but rather have a smoother surface that better represents the high poly source model.

Disclaimer: This model is the intellectual property of Dmitry Parkin -

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