Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Optimization Underway

I have been slaving away at this thing for a while now in an effort to optimize the heck out of it. I am making some progress.

640x480 - ~50 fps - SVO Depth(9)
1x GTX 580

OBJ polygon count: 6,615,041
SVO voxel count: 1,484,810 (22% the detail of OBJ)
OBJ file size: ~500 MB
SVO file size: ~88 MB (17% the size of OBJ) 
5% relative size difference over OBJ

My goal is to get the SVO files compressed down much further. Due to the hierarchical nature of sparse voxel octrees, much of the data I am currently saving to the file can actually be rebuilt at load time. I believe I can cut out at least 16 MB of data from the above example.

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